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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

EPSON STYLUS 1390 Resetter

tutorial resetter epson 1390a. Epson Stylus 1390 Printer Driver is installed first, and make sure the printer is connect to the computer
b. Make sure you have the Software Resetter Printer Epson Stylus 1390.
c. Make sure that the damages requested in the printer reset counter (usually red flame of the lamp on the printer - and turns green print head does not move)

Here is how to use the Software Resetter Epson Stylus 1390:

1. Connect the power cable and printer cable printer usb, then turn on the printer. Leave the printer in the blink condition
2. IMPORTANT!!. Change dates to now.
If not changed then the software can not be changed and will display an error message:
tutorial resetter Epson 1390
3. Open Software Resetter Epson Stylus 1390.
4. Click Accept.
5. Select Particular Adjustment mode. At the Maintenance menu, select Waste ink pad counter
6. Click Check to see the results of the last counter value
7. Click OK to continue
8. Here is the display counter values results from the printer
9. Click initialization to process reset counter
10. Click OK, and then turn off the printer and unplug the power cable
11. Reattach the power cable and turn on the printer. Wait until the printer calibration is completed
12. After the printer is ready, click on Check to see value in the counter after reset. Click OK to continue
13. The final result after the reset counter value using Software Resetter Epson Stylus 1390

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